Saturday, 21 January 2012

Welcome to Halfway, pop. 336

The first post.

Well, I've almost got everything in place for the big launch of Halfway to Hell as an e-book on Amazon. The process so far has been fun, exciting, and frustrating in equal measure. Over the next while, I'll be posting about the different steps I've taken to get a book ready for publication on Amazon, from formatting it to selling it.

What's holding me up? Well, I've self-designed a cover (currently on the right hand side) and, while it's kind of what I'm going for... let's just say as a graphic designer I make a great writer.

Luckily I know a great graphic designer, who is currently working on some ideas that should make Halfway really stand out on the shelf (by which I mean a shelf of the metaphorical HTML variety, of course). While that's happening, I'm thinking about how to market the book on limited resources.

Watch this space.

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