Sunday, 18 March 2012

One Shot

One Shot, my collection of three crime stories is available for Kindle free all day today.

Get it from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

If you like it, I'd really appreciate a review. You could also check out some of my other books, including Halfway to Hell, of course.


Three short stories of crime and obsession.

In THE LUCKIEST CORPSE IN THE RIVER, a body is dragged from the River Clyde at high noon. Reporter Jack Wood is on the scene, and he knows it’s nothing out of the ordinary. But then a potential sidebar turns into a dead-cert page one, because the dead man is carrying a winning lottery ticket…

In ONE SHOT, Faith Badder needs to catch a vicious killer. To do so, she has to follow in the footsteps of his latest victim. It’s a one-shot deal, and the stakes are higher than she knows….

And finally, Dr Jeff Cairngorm is a single father with a dark secret in his past. A quiet evening in a new home explodes into horror as AUDREY returns to her family…

* * *

Three stories of mystery and suspense in one great package. This trio of dark thrillers draws on influences as diverse as Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock.

This collection also includes an exclusive free sample of HALFWAY TO HELL - Gavin Bell's full-length thriller novel.

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